Thursday, February 13, 2014

Medicine for melancholy.

Years ago I watched Medicine For Melancholy with my friend. At the end we both agreed it sucked. "Seriously, dude? A movie about two people doing boring shit?" (It's safe to say we were talking from a place of privilege and not appreciating the good thing we had with one another at the time.)

Fast forward, 3 years... I revisited it and fell in love. Not just with the cinematography or soundtrack or backdrop but with the concept. An aspirin for mundane life. A respite from loneliness. That's what it was all about.

Whenever I embark on mini adventures or indulge in simple pleasures and always think "medicine for melancholy." Today I needed some in the worst way so I trekked on over to the Indianapolis Museum of Art. The grounds are gorgeous in every season. Even in the absence of foliage, with everything blanketed in snow, I felt peaceful and spacious. Not to mention the greenhouse, the happiest of places. The warmth, the smell, the plant's loving vibrations... all absolute heaven. I appreciated the quiet, the rest. Today was a good day. I made it so.

When everything feels off balance, there is always room in my heart for nature.



  1. lol! I remember you hating it and I was so surprised at the time. it is a favorite of mine.

    the greenhouse looks sweet and warm! here's to finding salve for your heart. medicine for melancholy, for real.

    1. I was being stupid. I was like, "I can have all that fun any time I want." Fast forward to the lonely landscape which is Indianapolis and sometimes I just watch MFM to feel like I'm hanging out with someone. lol

      It's so beautiful and warm and peaceful! :)

  2. I remember it being compared to Love Jones. When I watched it I thought....NOT EVEN CLOSE! However, I did enjoy the quirkiness of it all. Beautiful, peaceful pictures.